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Good Clinical Trials (GCT) Consortium Workshop

Workshop 1

Good Clinical Trials (GCT) Consortium Workshop

Representatives from the Good Clinical Trials Collaborative (GCTC) and Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU – Viet Nam) will discuss the practical application of new Guidance for good Randomized Clinical Trials to the design and implementation of ethical, informative RCTs in all settings.

Main facilitator:

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Workshop 2

A Practical Workshop on Preparing Ethics Application

This workshop covers the elements of research ethics review and a guide on submitting ethics application to Institutional Review Boards/Independent Ethics Committees. Designed to help the participants to understand the process of ethics application. This includes initial application, post approval procedures and safety reporting.

Main facilitator:

Dr. Phang Kean Chang

Secretary, UMMC-MREC

Workshop 3

Ethical Research in the Social Science

This workshop aims to provide researchers in the social sciences, humanities and arts fields with a framework for conducting ethical research.

Main facilitator:

Dr. Tee Meng Yew,

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education

Tee Meng Yew, PhD is a member of the Faculty of Education, Universiti Malaya. He was also the chairperson of UMREC (Universiti Malaya Research Ethics Committee) from 2022-2023. He does research in the following areas: instructional design, how people learn and construct knowledge, collaborative learning, and teaching and learning practices in the classroom setting as well as in the context of the broader education system.

Workshop 4

Consent in a Snap: Accelerating Informed Decision-Making

This workshop aims to provide a quick scale knowledge on informed consent and how to address issues relevant to the informed consent process.

Main facilitator:

Prof Dr Nor Adinar Baharuddin,

Faculty of Dentistry, Medical Ethics Committee

Dr. Nor Adinar is currently an Associate Professor in the field of Periodontics in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Currently, she is the Chairperson for the Faculty of Dentistry, Medical Ethics Committee. She has 17 years of experience in research, teaching and management roles. She believes in nurturing aspiring researchers to embrace in meaningful research that could push the boundaries of knowledge further.

Workshop 5

Conflict of Interest in Research

Conflicts of interest (COI) have recently began receiving increased regulatory scrutiny in research. As the research landscape rapidly transforms, it is imperative for both researchers and institutions to possess a strong understanding and effective strategies to address any potential conflicts. Join this workshop to raise your awareness and navigate these ethical complexities. The focus of the workshop will extend beyond individual researchers and cover both researchers' conflicts of interest (RCOI) and institutional conflicts of interest (ICOI). By examining and addressing these multifaceted dimensions of COI, participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to maintain the highest standards of research integrity.

Main facilitator:

Associate Professor Dr Julia Patrick Engkasan
Head, Medical Humanites and Ethics Unit (MedHEU),
Faculty of Medicine, UM


Dr Julia Patrick Engkasan is an Associate Professor and Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Universiti Malaya. She currently heads the Medical Humanities and Ethics unit at the Faculty of Medicine where she integrates arts into medical education.  As a clinician, she works mainly in spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation, where she is committed to improve the quality of life of persons with SCI.  As a researcher, she has research collaborative work with different disciplines within UM, Malaysia and internationally. As an educator, she is involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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